Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Proper maintenance procedures must be carried out to ensure high performance and durability of your garage door opener. Green Garage Repair has the best possible garage door repair providers that can provide routine inspection and checks to ensure your garage door opener and other components of your garage door are working efficiently. When you call Green Garage Repair, we will immediately dispatch our garage door providers for your safety.

We care about your welfare and safety; hence Green Garage Repair will give you tips on how to maintain your garage door. Our garage door providers will run through the garage door owner’s manual with you so you are aware of the functionality of your door and you can ensure that preventive measures are taken for its maintenance. Here are a few tips and maintenance procedures that you should carry out regularly.

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Always check the garage door components – tracks, cables, fasteners, brackets and supports. Look out for any bent, worn out or loose parts. If it is a minor issue such as tightening loose bolts and nuts, you can do this yourself if possible. Otherwise, Green Garage Repair providers will be willing to help.

Apply lubricants; preferably spray silicone, white lithium grease or lightweight household oil on the springs, tracks, hinges, and moving parts such as the screw, rollers and chain. This is very important to avoid rust.

Check the remote control batteries if they are still working and replace if necessary.

Garage Door reapir
Garage Door reapir

Regularly check the auto reverse system of the garage door opener to at least once in a month using the procedures as stated in the owner’s manual, to ensure it is in optimum condition. If you have any doubts, after the checks, call a garage door repair expert.

Check the cord connections especially between the electric outlet and the garage door opener. If the cord is worn out, it would need to be fixed immediately. Call a garage door repair expert.

Always have in mind that the best option remains to contact an experienced garage door professional when there is a serious problem with your door. Never attempt to embark on very technical door repairs such as loosening or tightening door pulleys, springs and cables as they are under heavy tension. If you need any help, Green Garage Repair has the best garage door providers for your comfort and safety. Contact us today so your garage door would be safely and professionally handled for the best results. Our garage door services are also very pocket friendly and we are always at your beck and call.