Broken Garage Door Spring

Replacing broken garage door spring requires the attention of a professional. In order to replace the springs, our professionals at Green Garage Door Repair carry out safety measures to ensure that no finger is being caught up during the process of replacement. They first turn off the power supplying the garage door so it doesn’t mistakenly move up and down.

At Green Garage Door Repair, we take a perfect measurement of the damaged springs to ensure that the new springs are of exact size and shape.  In addition to this, we unwind the existing extension spring in order to lower the garage door during the process.

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Replacing broken garage door spring is done by installing the new spring and tighten the screw with absolute care. We ensure that everything is balanced by lubricating them properly. We lubricate the garage door to ensure that it slides easily with the new springs. The power supplying the garage is put on to test the effect of the new spring.

Why you should hire our professionals at Green Garage Door repair for garage door repair is because it is a wiser and easier choice to make for homeowners. We possess adequate skills and experience to carry out the project successfully. Except in the case of minor repair, you need to contact our professionals at Green Garage Door Repair to do the job.

The injury risk rate is very high when you consider carrying replacing broken garage door spring by yourself. You could also make a serious mistake that can damage the entire door.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair
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How we work

Torsion and Extension are the two kinds of springs available. Torsion springs are generally applied to secure the top part of the door when it closes while extension springs are applied on the upper part of the tracks on both sides of the door. A break in any of the springs can result in a dangerous effect. The tight arrangement of the springs gives the door the right amount of tension to lift it. If any of the spring fails, it can cause serious havoc and a life-threatening injury.

If the problem associated with your garage door repair is just a squeaking noise, lubrication should solve this problem but if this doesn’t work and the problem still persists, be sure to get in touch with our professionals at Green Garage Door Repair to solve the serious problem associated with your door.

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What to Expect

When you call the professionals with Green Garage Door Repair, we’ll provide you with an expert that will attend to your problem in your residential or commercial building as quick as possible. Our professionals are typically ready to repair broken garage door spring problem. Moreover, we bring the actual and perfect tool to produce the correct spring size, we calculate the actual amount of tension needed and install the spring accordingly. If you are concerned about the safest means of installing springs, our technicians can handle this. We correctly wind torsion springs to ensure that your door is safe and in the correct balance.


Replacing broken garage door spring is not a job for amateurs. The springs are expected to be subjected to high pressure since the doors weigh as high as 500 pounds. Eliminate the risk of damaging lives and property by calling Green Garage Door Repair.

A safe door is one that is properly maintained. When a dysfunction is observed you should opt in for a garage door repair as soon as possible. You can get the best repair service from Green Garage Door Repair. We are ready to answer your questions for help 24/7. We also offer repair services for emergency situations. Make a smart choice today by contacting our professionals at Green Garage Door Repair.