Garage Door Cable Drums

Garage door cable drums are deigned to work with the torsion springs in order for the garage door to remain balanced as it opens or closes. The garage door cable drums are very crucial to the overall functioning of the garage door as it accommodates the weight of the door. Green Garage Repair works with the best possible garage door repair providers to ensure that your new garage door is installed along with a suitable garage door cable drum. This will help for the smooth operation of the garage door, ensuring a smooth garage door mechanism.

Garage door cable drums consist of three types:

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Standard Lift Cable Drums

Most parts of a standard lift cable drum are flat. Towards the last ¾ of a turn of a standard lift cable drum, the drum is slightly raised, helping to balance the garage door as it is opened. Standard Lift garage door cable drums come in three diameters: 4, 5-1/4, and 8-inches. The different diameters come along with different cable drum capacities, for the balancing of the garage door.

Vertical Lift Cable Drums

Vertical lift garage door cable drums have a longer body frame than the standard lift drums. Upon closure of the garage door, the cable is farther from the shaft, while it wraps up on the drum and moves closer to the shaft when the garage door is opened. Vertical lift garage door cable drums also come in three different diameters: 8-1/2, 11 and 13-1/2 inches.

Garage Door reapir
Garage Door Cable Drums Replacement

High Lift Cable Drums

High lift cable drums are more like a combination of vertical and standard lift cable drums with raised and flat portions respectively. When the door is opened vertically, the cables run through the raised portion, while they switch to the flat portion when the door runs through the horizontal track. High lift cable drums come in five diameters: 4, 5-1/2, 5-3/4, 6-3/8, and 8 inches.

Each type of garage door cable drum is designed to provide a balancing for the garage door; therefore, it is only appropriate to maintain the garage door as a whole properly. However, your garage door may become noisy or shaky over time if not properly maintained. This would most likely be due to a buildup of dirt and rust over a period of time. You do not have to worry about the condition of your garage door in this situation. Green Garage Repair work with the best providers to ensure your garage door does not become problematic for you. We will give you proper guide on how to take care of your garage door to avoid dangerous garage door mishaps.