Garage Door Style

The garage door is an important part of the exterior of your home. In fact, it can make up one-third or more of the entire frontage in some homes. Therefore, when chosen well, a garage door can flawlessly complete or consummate the look of your home but when poorly chosen, it can be an absolute disaster.

Green Garage Door offers a variety of brilliantly crafted, well-defined and complementary garage doors to give your home an exquisite feel.

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Just as house styles vary, there are also different garage door styles too. These different styles are all offered as part of Green Garage Door Repair initiative to make homes feel unique and complement the garage door just fine. Here we take a look at some of these garage door styles.

1. Carriage styled garage door: This is a popular garage door style known by some as ‘barn style’ garage doors. Traditionally styled carriage garage doors are usually swung open from the center, however, modern carriage doors fold open with automatic openers while still retaining the style of the traditional doors. The innovative designs of Green Garage Door Repair ensures they carefully pay attention to details when fixing carriage styled garage doors. Green Garage Door Repair has different options for the carriage styled garage door including using resilient faux wood composite, natural wood or durable steel.

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2. Raised Panel Garage Doors: Characterized by its symmetrical, raised rectangular panels, raised panel doors are your ‘go-to’ doors if you need your home to have that clean, classy feel. Green Garage Door Repair offers raised panel garage doors in our stylish and elegant collection. Our professionals use different materials such as aluminum, wood, steel or fiberglass depending on the the one fits your home best. The style of the modern version of the raised panel garage door not only makes it stand out, but sets it out as the standard in today’s garage door styling.

Garage Door Style

3. Contemporary Garage Doors: Here is the one garage door that fits perfectly with a modern house with high-tech materials and nice facade. With our professionals at Green Garage Door Repair, you can rest assured that the materials used for this garage door which include elements of glass (tempered glass), metal and wood would blend perfectly showcasing sophisticated, classy design.