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A garage door opener is at the heart of the control mechanism of your garage door. While it is not responsible for the actual lifting of the door, its opening and closing function provides additional security to your home and garage. Green Garage Door Repair fully understands the complex nature of garage door openers and their different types – the belt drive, chain drive and screw drive, so for your safety, it is important you call seasoned professionals in the garage door industry.

Green Garage Door Repair carries the best components of garage door openers; therefore, we are in the best position to offer advice on what is suitable for your garage door needs. Garage door opener repair is not for an amateur or layperson to undertake. Due to its complex mechanism, it requires the service of only an expert in the industry.

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It is also important to note that Green Garage Door Repair takes all your garage door opener needs into consideration. Whatever the situation might be, we will always be at your service. You can trust that our work is done with quality and honesty as we are a licensed and insured repair service. Our providers undergo rigorous training. There is no job that takes us by surprise.

Please refrain from parking your car in the garage when you notice there might be problems with the door opener until it is repaired. Avoid opening and closing of the door when in this condition for your safety and security.

At Green Garage Door Repair, we know the nitty-gritties of your residential garage door as we have been in the business for many years. We can help you diagnose any of your garage door issues no matter what the problem may be. Give us a call today to answer any of your questions or to schedule a repair with our skilled providers and you can be certain that your needs will be fully taken care of.

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